Where are the members of Bucks Fizz now? Fight against cancer, bankruptcy and meningitis


Bucks Fizz was at the peak of bubbly ’80s pop music, releasing hits like The Land Of Make Believe and Making Your Mind Up.

The group, made up of Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston, shot to fame after winning the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest.

Jay left the group several years later and was replaced by vocalist Shelley Preston.

Today there are two versions of the pop group – one with original member Bobby G and another version, called The Fizz, featuring the other three original members.

Although the original group may not be together, the stars are still performing and have even released music in recent years.

But where are the singers now?

Jay Aston

Jay had previously had oral cancer and underwent surgery

Jay Aston, 60, has had a tough few years due to an illness in the family as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year, she revealed that she had been struck down by coronavirus and was even having trouble moving.

According to The Sun, she wrote: “Those were the days…fit and bouncy…now back in bed not moving much, full of Covid…thanks China or maybe Morrison.

“We’ve been so careful but it’s a Trojan horse. Disinfect sanitizer all! pandemic #covid#home#lockdown.”

Being affected by the virus came after she was given the green light of oral cancer.

The singer faced a difficult journey to recovery when she was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2018.

From left to right: Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston.
From left to right: Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston

Bucks Fizz
The band won Eurovision in 1981

Jay underwent a biopsy before undergoing a seven-hour operation to remove 40% of his tongue.

Doctors made a new tongue using tissue from her thigh and removed her top teeth as a precaution if she needed chemotherapy.

The doctors informed her that the cancer was gone just 10 days after the operation.

Jay made headlines over the weekend by sharing his daughter’s terrifying health scare.

Josie Ashton was rushed to hospital after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

The 18-year-old was taken to intensive care and placed in an induced coma after her organs began to fail.

Almost a month later, she is still in a specialist nephrology unit and has been told she will bear permanent scars.

Cheryl Boulanger

Cheryl Boulanger
Cheryl struggled financially during the coronavirus pandemic

Cheryl Baker, 68, has shared her struggles since rising to fame and revealed how she has been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic over the past few years.

In 2021, the singer revealed she was selling her old mattress as the pandemic left her “totally broke”.

She even grew her own vegetables for sustenance as she struggled to “pay taxes” despite her success in the chart-topping pop group.

Broke Cheryl took to Facebook to advertise a mattress, which she described as “slightly stained but nothing too bad”.

“Clothes and all kinds,” Cheryl previously told the Daily Mail of what she was selling to make money. “My girls do it for me.

“Although I don’t have proper jewelry, everything is fake, including my furniture and the paintings on the wall!”

There was a moment in 2016 when Cheryl was so strapped for money that she found work as a cold caller.

Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan
His group was injured after a horror accident

Mike Nolan, now 67, has had many ups and downs since joining the 80s pop band.

Towards the end of 1984, the band was on the tour bus when it crashed into a truck, injuring all four members.

Mike was so badly injured that he fell into a coma and read the last rites.

“I remember seeing Cheryl lying in the hospital with all that oil and glass in her hair, and having the worst headaches imaginable,” Mike told Mirror.

Mike Nolan
Mike takes epilepsy pills following the accident

“Then I was in a coma for six weeks. I don’t remember anything, but I died and they revived me. It means I’m not afraid of dying now, I saw that there was nothing to fear.”

Following the accident, Mike will be on lifelong epilepsy pills.

Mike released his first solo album in early 2013 titled In My Life. His band, The Fizz, also toured in 2015.

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Bobby G.

Bobby G.
Bobby won the rights to the band’s original name

While three of the members formed The Fizz, Bobby G still performs under the band’s original name with other stars.

He had won the use of the band’s original name in a court battle. Bobby now performs with his wife and two other singers.

Cheryl previously spoke about the former member and said: “He did a few shows with us in 2004 but it was obvious he wasn’t comfortable.

“Now with the three of us, I would say it’s the best line-up we’ve ever had.”

Reportedly, the singer even turned down the chance to reunite with his former bandmates to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

He previously opened up about his former colleagues and said: “They are very bitter. What upset them the most was that I fought the case and they lost.

“It cost them a lot of money. They even had to pay me.”

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