Stimulus Check Live Fourth Update: $ 200 Social Security, $ 8,000 Child Tax Credit, COLA 2022 …



– Congress considers additional covid-19 stimulus in government spending bill

– National the unemployment rate is falling at 3.9 percent in December, the lowest rate since the start of the pandemic

– House approved Rebuild Better Act would like cap insulin costs at $ 35 a month, but exclude uninsured persons

– The increase of COLA 2022 would see the average social security benefit increase by about $ 92This year

– There will not be Child tax credit direct payment this month after Congress failure Rebuild Better bill

– Up to $ 8,000 in stimulus payments is available to be claimed by certain households in 2022

Information and useful links:

Child tax credit

– Is the Child tax credit further extended after the Senate failed to approve the Build Back Better bill last month?

– Senator Manchin has his say on President Biden’s future Rebuild better proposals?

Stimulation controls

– The report confirms that the Bomber Boston received a stimulus check

– How many stimulus checks were approved in the past 12 months?

Social Security

Social Security beneficiaries are vying for a COLA increase, but could they also get a $ 200 extrathis month?

– What is the 5.9% increase in COLA does it mean for Social Security beneficiaries?

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