Sergio Romo from A lowers his pants during the referee’s control of foreign substances – chico enterprise-record


Major League Baseball has asked umpires to regularly check each pitcher’s glove, hat, belt and hands for foreign substances banned under new protocols. While most of the players, including A’s manager Bob Melvin, have applauded the refs for creating a smooth process in a sticky situation, the protocols have created a stir in a few instances.

After giving up a home run in the A 13-6 victory over Texas Rangers On Tuesday at Globe Life Park, A’s reliever Sergio Romo was caught on camera throwing his hat and glove in front of the referee inspector and pulling his pants halfway up to his knees.

“He’s a playful guy,” said Melvin. “I don’t think he meant anything by that. I will credit the referees for the way they handled it. They have been fantastic. Try to shed light on it. Smile with the guys and do it fast. This will not happen again. The playful side came out. I don’t think he meant anything by that. But the referees also try to do their job.

Melvin said the A players were ok with the new protocols and were impressed with the way the referees deal with the hits.

“I won’t get to this point. I saw it. I was on the bike for work and saw him, ”A starter Cole Irvin said of the Romo incident.

“He gave a home run, he’s pretty pissed off. I think he just tapped into his emotions. Whether you think it’s childish or he did it out of frustration, I don’t think you have to go that far. But that’s what it is. We need to. Looking at this I was a little surprised to be honest.

Hours earlier, TV shows captured the hubbub between Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer and Philadelphia Phillies manager Joe Girardi during Scherzer’s foreign substance check. In video clips, Scherzer is shown without a belt, throwing his hat and glove on the ground and raising his hands in frustration.

Girardi and Scherzer exchanged glances in a brief altercation between the canoes. Girardi was sent off from the game.


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