QAnon Queen of Canada now claims to be Queen of the World

A QAnon influencer who some believe is Canada's true queen has taken a short break from her months-long tour of the country to announce her plans to go global.

Romana Didulo greets her supporters surrounded by the flags of the Kingdom of Canada. Photo by Telegram.

A QAnon influencer who some believe is Canada’s true queen has taken a short break from her months-long tour of the country to announce her plans to go global.

“The whole team had the privilege of hearing Queen Romana speak to the Commander and Leader of the United States by telephone and to hear the information leaked. Wait for it….” Romana Didulo’s press secretary said to its subscribers before taking a dramatic break.

“Queen Romana is the ruler of the world!”

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Romana Didulo and the followers who came to see her during a recent meeting in a city in Quebec. Photo by Telegram.

Speaking in a campground parking lot in Quebec on May 24, in front of a huge purple Queen Romana sticker (which features a sword forking a maple leaf) on Didulo’s new RV, the publicist said said this was a great development for the rising leader, one that would bring them legitimacy, and she urged those who follow Didulo to defend their queen.

“Queen Romana has done all the heavy lifting, and now it’s up to ‘us the people’ to stand under our authority and put these decrees in place,” she told her supporters. “The only visible leader on this planet is Her Royal Majesty Queen Romana, period, and that’s a mic drop.”

Didulo grew out of the online QAnon movement – which believes there is a covert war against the elites – and has garnered a sizable following by inserting itself into the real world created by this conspiracy. For months now, Didulo and a rotating cast of characters have crisscrossed the country in a convoy — which they call their “mobile government” — building its offline community by meeting followers at almost every stop they make. They are at the end of their second loop of the world’s second largest country as petrol prices hit record highs.

Didulo published 79 decrees this week. For the most part, the executive orders have had little real-world impact, such as declaring Victoria, British Columbia (where she resides when not in the motorhome) the capital of Canada, and raising the age of consent at 24, although some followers bristled at that.

However, some of these edicts take on a darker tone, all the more concerning as many followers seem to take them very seriously. One of them is to eliminate all refugees and immigrants at a level crossing in Quebec which is a hot topic for the far right (Didulo has just visited the level crossing in his motorhome) or who “publishes defamatory articles concerning Queen Romana Didulo of the Kingdom”. will result in an immediate sentence of 30 years in prison. Didulo has also in the past urged his supporters to take violent action against those who facilitate vaccines for children. While she has recently softened her tone, Didulo’s past rhetoric has veered into the realm of violence.

“We can’t stand this garbage anymore,” an enthusiastic follower wrote on a Telegram channel devoted to Didulo. “Queen Romana has done the heavy lifting and we need to pick up the slack and finish this!”

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Didulo’s motorhome convoy during a recent stopover. Photo by Telegram.

When Didulo speaks, many of his followers listen. A follower has been arrested after posting a threat against his daughter’s school for distributing vaccines after Didulo said it was time for action. Experts tell VICE World News that some of its followers may go to extreme lengths to advance their beliefs. Some of his supporters seem to be feeling unwell and frequently post about how they think they are actually at war with the elites.

Didulo’s followers suffer for their allegiance to their queen. Some stopped paying their utility bills after she announced the bills were unethical and asked them to remove all utility companies from their lists of online banking recipients. Those who listened to her now say they are being hounded by debt collectors and, in some extreme cases, having their electricity or water cut off. Some, blaming the capitalist system for their misfortunes, implore Didulo to help him restore their power or make people believe.

“Queen Romana. It’s time you show your authority to the MSM NOW,” one wrote. “I agree that it is time to enforce your executive orders across Canada and get the fake Trudeau out of his office. We the people are trying to enforce the executive orders with little success.

Things have come to the point in the community where they are circulating a generic letter to send to utility companies asking them to turn their electricity, water or internet back on. A woman, who urges others to follow Didulo’s edicts, posted an image from a bank showing that she had accumulated $47,000 in a personal line of credit and is frustrated at not listening to Didulo videos she send them. Other followers posted that they suffered in other ways for their devotion to their queen. A woman, who said she had moved away from her partner and was about to move into a comfortable life in her car, has shared an email her brother sent her.

“Please think about it. What happens when your back pain becomes unbearable and you have no medication? Promise me you won’t turn to illegal drugs,” it read. “(your partner) misses you but he felt he needed to break up because you are listening to a bogus cult online.”

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One thing Didulo thinks her followers need to pay for, however, is her new motorhome which she has dubbed QR1. The motorhome reportedly cost $65,000 and Didulo and his entourage insist his followers pay for it. So far, Didulo’s publicist said they were able to raise $12,000. As always, some of her followers jumped at the chance to help their queen. Followers have posted images of themselves sending money to Didulo’s “staff” person who handles finances.

“Accepted…and done,” replied one follower to a call for donations. “I wish I could give more, but I’ve been out of work since November 2021.”

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