Police warn against credit card scam of parking meters with fake QR codes


Police departments in the United States are warning that scammers could use a simple QR code sticker to steal credit card information while you pay for parking.

Although the problem has largely been confined to Texas so far, particularly in Austin, other police departments are warning local residents of the risk of scams. It involves placing QR code stickers on parking meters disguised as quick payment options.

“This new phishing attack tactic uses the QR code to direct unsuspecting users to a fraudulent website to enter payment details to pay for their parking,” Massachusetts State Police wrote in a published bulletin. on Twitter. “Instead of paying for the parking space, the victims ignore [sic] transmit banking and credit information directly to scammers.

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Since QR codes are quick and convenient, and scammers are likely to create a website that looks legit at first glance, the trick can be effective. Thankfully, the Massachusetts State Police say they haven’t found any stickers yet, but the simplicity of the trick may make it an attractive trick for scammers.

The department advises drivers not to scan or use QR codes found on parking meters and to immediately report them to their local police department or the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

In Austin, meanwhile, anyone who finds a fraudulent QR code sticker is encouraged to call 311 or go to ireportaustin.com to report the crime.


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