ICICI Bank Revises Credit Card Fees, Fine For Late Payment Up To Rs 1,200 | Personal finance news


New Delhi: In what could be a blow to ICICI Bank customers, the private lender has announced a review of credit card fees. The tariff revision will come into effect as of February 10.

ICICI Bank has announced that customers will now be required to pay a 2.50% transaction fee, subject to a minimum of Rs 500, on cash advances on all cards. Meanwhile, the private lender has also set the fee for return checks and direct debit at 2% of the total amount owed, subject to a minimum of Rs 500.

Meanwhile, the bank also revised the late dues payment fee for all cards except the ICICI Emerald card. Here are the revised fees:

Amount due less than Rs 100 – No charge.

Amount due between Rs 100 – Rs 500 – Rs 100 late fees.

Amount due between Rs 501 to Rs 5000 – Rs 500 late fees.

Amount due between Rs 5,001 – Rs 10,000 – Rs 750 late fees.

Amount due between Rs 10,001 – Rs 25,000 – Rs 900 late fees.

Amount due between Rs 25,011 – Rs 50,000 – Rs 1000 late fees.

Amount due up to Rs 50,000 – Rs 1,200 fees due.

Customers will also have to pay Rs 50 plus GST for late payment of credit card charges. Also read: Andhra Pradesh government increases employee wages by 23.39%, increases retirement age by 2 years

ICICI bank also recently revised the service charges on ICICI bank savings accounts with effect from January 1, 2022. Also read: Odisha announces financial package for community support staff, paid medical leave for workers from Anganwadi




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