Fargo woman catches scammer using her info on video on her doorstep


FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – A Fargo woman caught the tricks of a scammer as he opened accounts with her personal information.

She even caught the culprit on video from her front door.

“It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours,” says Gretchen Tinjum.

What you see is a scammer in action.

Tinjum says there was a note for a delivery signature on his front door.

Half an hour later, a man came and took the note from the door.

At first she thought it was a simple delivery error from FedEx because her family hadn’t ordered anything, until it happened again.

“FedEx tried to deliver that second box on Friday. It was 11:28 p.m. when FedEx was at my door. Five minutes later a signature registered with FedEx that it was signed for,” says Tinjum.

It was no coincidence.

FedEx told her the packages were from Verizon, and Tinjum says she was never a Verizon customer.

“I contacted FedEx, contacted Verizon, and realized everything was within 24 hours. It started at 4:30 a.m. last Monday,” she says.

She was able to get receipts for two iPhones ordered from Verizon, after the scammer used her personal information to open the account.

“There’s even a receipt that shows the phone numbers, the serial numbers of the phones that were ordered too. So those phones could be identified by those specific numbers for those phones,” says TInjum.

Verizon turned off the phones and put her in touch with their fraud department.

“No withdrawals from my bank account or any other credit card I use,” she says.

But she soon received a letter with a CashApp debit card in her name, another service she never used.

After checking receipts from Verizon, she learned that the person had used the debit card to purchase the phones.

“I don’t know how CashApp works. I just want to make sure my account with the will be canceled and none of my funds are going anywhere,” she says.

In the past 24 hours, Tinjum has alerted credit companies and banks to the issue, and flagged his social security number.

She says she doesn’t know how her information came out, but now she hopes people will be more careful.

“Be careful, even if it’s with old accounts like email. Be careful about your social security number and who you share it with. Even if it’s in a business, you can never be too careful,” says Tinjum.

A police report has been filed. If you recognize the man in the video, call dispatch at 701-451-7660.

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