Credit card skimmer found on gas pumps prompts Georgetown police to warn


GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – A credit card skimmer found on gas pumps at a Georgetown convenience store has asked police to warn motorists to check their credit or debit cards.

It is also a good reminder to be attentive at all times when using gas pumps.

“We received a report on September 3 of a fraudulent credit card skimming device found at one of the self-service gas pumps at Valero located in Paris Pike 2003,” Georgetown Police posted on the Facebook page of the department.

“It is possible that more skimmers were placed on ATMs or gas pumps in Georgetown. #GPD reminds the public to be on the lookout for these devices whenever they use their credit cards in these types of locations, ”the department continued.

The indications that a skimmer has been placed on a machine are:

• Wires protruding from the card reader.

• The card reader is loose or appears damaged.

• Tape or tape residue on the card reader slot.

• The card reader looks different or a different color from the rest of the machine.

If a fraudulent device appears to be affixed to the machine, notify the bank / store management and ensure that the local police have been contacted. It is also recommended that consumers go online frequently and check accounts for unusual or unauthorized activity.

Those who have used a credit card at Paris Pike Valero and suspect there may be fraudulent activity on it, contact Detective Young at 502-863-7826 ext. 824 or [email protected]

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