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How do you try to convince digital natives to sign up for a physical credit card? First Choice and Leo Burnett Thailand have chosen to go the futuristic route with their “Mafia of Digital World” campaign to sell their XU by First Choice card to this demographic.

This spot stars Ink Warunthon, one of Thailand’s most popular female artists, as a futuristic, surreal and demanding mob boss who loves collaborations and unboxing. However, she takes her fetish too far and finds herself facing an army of money cutters, turning her life upside down.

While one might expect his next move to be to recognize and remedy his shopaholic behavior by cutting back, the ad not only condones the spending spree, but introduces a way to prolong it.

In this case, XU by First Choice, is offered as a solution to the gifting credit mess, with the campaign touting its benefits, including 0% interest for online purchases for up to six months to monthly e-coupons that can be redeemed online, cash up to 18% cash back on online purchases, plus online shopping protection and spend alerts.

“A lot of their (Gen Z’s) requests or wants happen totally on digital platforms…that’s why we launched XU by First Choice, a credit card that makes it easy for younger generations to connect to new online lifestyles,” explained Athip Sinpagekan. , executive vice president of marketing at First Choice.

Sarut Yungcharoen, Group Creative Director at Leo Burnett Thailand, said: “It’s an unconventional approach from a brand that is passionate about adapting its products to the needs of a younger audience and is not afraid to break category norms to get their attention. ”

This campaign follows the launch of ‘Metaverrrrrr’ – a parody of the creation of the world’s first metaverse advertisement to promote First Choice credit cards. Starring Mario and Pattie – who are played by two popular Thai presenters, Metaverrrrrr has racked up over 15.3 million views on YouTube and Facebook in Thailand alone since its launch in February 2022.


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